In December, 2017, I was diagnosed with lung cancer and I had  emergency surgery in which my left lung was cut out. Although it is a very risky surgery (20% of the patients don't make it), I not only survived the surgery, but I also recovered perfectly, even better than doctors expected. I am positive that my desire to live was much stronger than the prognosis and statistics

After six seemingly endless weeks of chemo and radiotherapy, the tumor, or alien thing as my daughters call it, was annihilated: kaput! But there is a high risk that the cancer can metastasize if I don’t get immunotherapy right away with a cancer-fighting drug called Opdivo.

This treatment is very expensive: the cost is well-beyond my financial resources and those of my family. 
I need help. I need it now.

There’s a gofundme at https://www.gofundme.com/i-want-to-stay-around-a-lot-longer 

Thanks in advance!